Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready for take off!

What in the world is FOUND? Well, take two former storefront owners (Monica Templeton of Monica's Vintage Finds and Cyndie Nelson of Sweet Baby Jane) and imagine a meeting where the two of them agree on three very important things: One, they do not want another storefront (enjoyable experience, too burdensome). Two, they want flexibility to focus on their children (some days questioning why). And three, they want to stay in the world of design and decor (because the world can never have too much whimsical beauty).

Sooo....Monica just happens to have this little concept running around in her head (and heart) that could, in theory, be described as a fabulously elegant flea market. Think unique locations, timeworn and repurposed treasures, maybe a little wine or lemonade, a few nibbles here and there...and voila! FOUND JUNQUE found its way into existence!

Our first event takes place October 4 and 5 in the open aire pool area of the beautiful Spa Downtown on Oregon Street. (Tours of the spa will also be offered, along with a secret spa coupon for future pampering.) Monica and I are scurrying around like little worker ants getting ready for the big day, and I have to admit we are having a ball. Monica will have a chance to respond to this, but I feel like I have met my match as far as a committed "Junque Diva" goes and my fear is that I am going to want to buy all of her goods :(

Don't forget to put the date on your calendar and get there early - once it's gone, it's gone. We'll be posting pictures of some of our fabulous finds to give you a taste of what our FOUND JUNQUE looks like! Check back soon!

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