Thursday, October 8, 2009

and a really good show it was...

Setting up...
Had to have some doll heads...

A very sweet bench to sit a spell...

Le 'Spooky' corner... (and sometimes 'Pooky' when the winds hit!)...

Three sweet chicas using 'vintage laptops'...

The 'laptops' they were using...

A customer wearing Madame Zora's hat... prop of the day. SOLD!

The 'cashwrap'... a lovely, solid, antique desk~available for purchase.

One of our sweet 'moving men'... near our favorite spot... SwOoN! Loved, loved, loved this wall.

The weather was perfect for our first show. We couldn't have asked for better early-fall weather! So many did not know of a pool outside the Spa Downtown. We were truly blessed and appreciative of the owner, Tiffany, for her generosity of letting us host our first show Poolside~ at the lovely Spa Downtown.

A most special Thank You! To all of those who attended our first show, we truly appreciate YOU! It was a lovely weekend filled with laughter and fabulous junque!

We are currently in the midst of planning our 'Holiday Fete' and look forward to bringing in this holiday season with all that glitters and shines~ especially for all you Fab Junque Divas!

We'll be sure to keep you posted on our location, date, and time of our next FOUND show! Until then, stay fabulous & keep on Junque-ing!

PS~ Friends don't let friends junque alone... Bring yours to the next show!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gettin' Goods Ready for the Show... While the Gettin's Good!

Gothic mirror display for All Hallow's Eve
I love this time of year
when it's a bit 'chilly' outside!

After closing my shop doors for the final time in June, kissing my husband adieu as he flew out of town for his new job, and facing summer alone with our kids, I felt... a bit LOST. That's when Cyndie contacted me. (Actually~ lovely 'Furniture Diva' Diane, & sweet Teresa-a mutual customer and friend- brought us together)...Just like that. Cyndie and I met over coffee, hit it off, and created FOUND. Much collaborating, organizing, and planning has been going on all summer long! We pulled Diane into the mix because she is our most FAB Furniture Rescuer!

It is with great pleasure and great hopes that you join us on our journey; two very busy moms~ with a passion for vintage, euro-finds, upcycled/refurbished goods, and just plain old-fashioned junk~ made into FaBuLoUs junque! Along with Diane, who can flip furniture like no other, I am both honored and blessed to work alongside these women. We three chicas are in it for the junque of it and the creative fun of it!
Come along and enjoy the ride. It's sure to be a good one!

WHAT?? RAIN SHOWERS?? Well, what is a junque diva to do but rent some tents?? Rain or shine - we're going "junque-ing". Get yer rain boots and join us! We are on whatever the weather!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monica's Un-Spooky Halloween Goodies...

Along with our love of beautiful treasures, Monica and I both share a a soft spot for Halloween (we don't know why, and we don't do ghoulish, but there is s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g...) She's got more on the way!

One week from today!

One week and counting! Monica and I are trading photos, ideas and inspiration back and forth like little mad hatters. Speaking of hats - I'm thinking of beading all of my cowboy hats with these big turquoise and red coral stones that I have. I bought them from a fabulous stone/bead supplier at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena (both the hats and the stones!) and I'm hoping I have time to do it before our show! Give me a deadline and a little anxiety, and it whoops up my inspiration like no other....Blessings on your day!