Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gettin' Goods Ready for the Show... While the Gettin's Good!

Gothic mirror display for All Hallow's Eve
I love this time of year
when it's a bit 'chilly' outside!

After closing my shop doors for the final time in June, kissing my husband adieu as he flew out of town for his new job, and facing summer alone with our kids, I felt... a bit LOST. That's when Cyndie contacted me. (Actually~ lovely 'Furniture Diva' Diane, & sweet Teresa-a mutual customer and friend- brought us together)...Just like that. Cyndie and I met over coffee, hit it off, and created FOUND. Much collaborating, organizing, and planning has been going on all summer long! We pulled Diane into the mix because she is our most FAB Furniture Rescuer!

It is with great pleasure and great hopes that you join us on our journey; two very busy moms~ with a passion for vintage, euro-finds, upcycled/refurbished goods, and just plain old-fashioned junk~ made into FaBuLoUs junque! Along with Diane, who can flip furniture like no other, I am both honored and blessed to work alongside these women. We three chicas are in it for the junque of it and the creative fun of it!
Come along and enjoy the ride. It's sure to be a good one!

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